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Benefits of Renting House of CB




Our goal is to normalize reducing our consumption of fast fashion with reusing our clothing pieces more than once. Ensuring that women look and feel their best while contributing to a more sustainable future. 

The more clothing are utilized, the better it is for the environment.

With trend on the rise, our fashion pieces are becoming more disposable. Let's be honest, this quick fashion industry produces lots of waste and is damaging to our planet. Reverie Luxe admires brands like House of CB that pushes to embody everything a women hopes to get out of a clothing item-- from high quality fabrics to its tailoring.

We need our customers to rethink the manner in which they get dressed and think with a rent versus purchase mindset, expanding their closets by leasing pieces they will wear and would have customarily disposed after a couple of wears. Our one time rentals allow for hassle-free dress renting services in 3 easy steps:

1. Browse and select a dress through our rental catalog.

2. Receive your dress that is good for 2 weeks.

3. Pack and return your rental using our pre-paid shipping label.

We hope to produce our own garment bags that can align with our company's vision. As for now, Reverie Luxe will continue using the concept of reusing all materials more than once. We encourage our customers to do the same and be more concious of resources.






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