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5 House of CB Bridal Shower Dresses Ideas

In case you're inexperienced with House of CB, the brand has been conveying extravagance style at a cost label that is somewhat more reasonable starting around 2010. It's figure-embracing clothing... Read More

We hope this helps you care for your garments at home. Rather than taking your garment to the dry cleaners, we urge you to give it a try at home first. Let us know what are some of your favorite eco-friendly laundry care brands down in the comments below.


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Your Complete Guide To Eco-Friendly Laundry Care

    The way we handle our clothing is essential to its longevity. Not only is it impactful to item's quality but also the environment. It is no secret that our... Read More

Benefits of Renting House of CB

Our goal is to normalize reducing our consumption of fast fashion with reusing our clothing pieces more than once. Ensuring that women look and feel their best while contributing to a more sustainable future.